Any Indian Citizen above 18 yrs old can be a distributor without any Investment.

A customer can purchase a product from our company and joins in the Commissions program. When a person joins, parents upto 9th level should receive commission (Rs. 100 - each).

We have multiple products. Customers can select more than one product for purchase. Total price should be minimum Rs. 2000 for making the purchase.
So, for example, selecting 3 t-shirts worth Rs. 700 will make the purchase possible.
Customer should be able to select the products and quantity of the products. Purchase should happen only after the total of price is minimum Rs. 2000
Each member should get Rs. 100 upto 9 top levels when a purchase happens. One leg can accommodate maximum upto 5 downline and any referrals after that should go the next immediate downline subject to the availability of free leg.

Every member upto 9th level should get Rs. 100 each. Not in percentages. No daily capping. No monthly capping. Pair fulfilment not required.
All payouts shall be transferred directly to the registered bank account, after deducting applicable TDS.